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Pickens County v. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Court of Appeals of South Carolina

January 8, 2020

Pickens County, Appellant,
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and MRR Pickens, LLC, Respondents. Appellate Case No. 2017-000066

          Heard May 6, 2019

          Appeal From the Administrative Law Court Shirley C. Robinson, Administrative Law Judge

          Gary W. Poliakoff, of Poliakoff & Assoc., PA, of Spartanburg, Amy Elizabeth Armstrong, of S.C. Environmental Law Project, of Pawleys Island, and Michael Gary Corley, of S.C. Environmental Law Project, of Greenville, all for Appellant.

          Robert Fredrick Goings and Jessica Lee Gooding, of Goings Law Firm, LLC, of Columbia, and Jessica James Orrick King, of Williams Mullen, of Columbia, all for Respondent MRR Pickens, LLC; Etta R. Linen and Karen Christine Ratigan, of Columbia, both for Respondent South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

          McDONALD, J.

         Pickens County (the County) appeals an Administrative Law Court (ALC) order dismissing its challenges to an unnoticed permit modification issued to MRR Pickens, LLC (MRR) by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). The County argues the ALC erred in (1) dismissing the County's challenge to DHEC's permitting decision as untimely without considering whether DHEC complied with statutory and regulatory notice requirements; (2) dismissing based on the County's purported failure to exhaust administrative remedies; (3) granting MRR and DHEC's (collectively, Respondents) motions to dismiss based on evidence beyond the pleadings while denying the County the opportunity to conduct discovery; and (4) dismissing the case as untimely without resolving the status of the proposed intervenors. We reverse and remand.

         Facts and Procedural History

         In early 2007, MRR was involved in negotiations with the County regarding the construction of a Class Two Landfill at 2180 Greenville Highway in the town of Liberty.[1] MRR and the County entered into a Development Agreement and Host Agreement (collectively, the Agreements) for the Class Two Landfill in March 2007.[2] The Agreements specify MRR "shall construct and operate a Long-term Construction and Demolition and Land-Clearing Debris Landfill" and that the County will serve as the host local government for such operation.

         On September 19, 2008, DHEC issued a draft permit for the Class Two Landfill. DHEC publicly noticed the draft permit in two local newspapers, the Easley Progress and The Pickens Sentinel, on September 24, 2008. DHEC also sent notice to adjacent landowners, the County, and others on its mailing list. After the public comment period expired, DHEC issued Solid Waste Permit LF2-00003 to MRR for the Class Two Landfill[3] on November 3, 2008.[4] The 2008 Permit contained the following special condition as to the nature of waste authorized for disposal: "This permit is limited solely to the disposal of items listed in Appendix I of R. 61-107.19. All other wastes, including animal carcasses, are prohibited from disposal in this landfill." Regulatory Appendix I, as referenced in the special condition, lists "acceptable waste for class two landfills" and contains materials typically associated with land clearing, yard work, and construction, such as: brush and limbs, logs, rock, masonry, paint cans, glass, pipes, and plaster.

         The County's Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP), a local planning document required by state law, [5] prohibits "special waste" from being deposited in the County and states "[t]here are no operating Class Three Landfills in Pickens County."[6] The SWMP specifies "[a] Class Three Landfill is one designed to receive wastes such as household waste, sludge, incinerator ash[, ] and certain industrial waste."

         In 2014 and 2015, MRR and DHEC conducted a series of meetings and discussions regarding modifications to the landfill design approved in the 2008 Permit.[7] While MRR was designing its modifications and communicating with DHEC, MRR misrepresented to the County and the Pickens County Planning Commission the nature of its plan for the landfill facility and operation. Dan Moore of MRR appeared before the Planning Commission on January 12, 2015, for the purpose of securing a land use approval, and stated there were "no changes" from the Class Two Landfill design approved in 2008. He made no mention of MRR's ongoing meetings with DHEC, certain engineering reports related to the permit modification MRR was discussing in the meetings with DHEC, or coal ash. When questioned about a landfill liner, Moore represented no liner would be required.

         On March 30, 2015, MRR applied to DHEC for a "minor modification" of the 2008 Permit, requesting an option to install a liner and associated leachate collection system for a portion of the Highway 93 Class Two Landfill.[8]

         After determining MRR's application to modify the 2008 Permit met the regulatory definition of a "minor" permit modification, DHEC issued a permit modification (the Permit Modification) on August 10, 2015. This "minor modification" authorized the following changes from the 2008 Permit:

• The addition of a landfill liner, a characteristic of Class Three Landfills not present in any other Class Two landfill in the state;
• Design changes from Class Two to Class Three characteristics, including changes to the final landfill cover;
• Elimination of language prohibiting "all other wastes" and replacement with language authorizing "any other waste approved by the Department"; and
• Allowance for disposal of "special wastes," defined as "nonresidential or commercial solid wastes, other than regulated hazardous wastes, that are either difficult or dangerous to handle and require unusual management at municipal solid waste landfills."[9]

         Notably, the requested modifications to the 2008 Permit did not seek to change the existing permitted landfill classification from a Class Two (construction and demolition debris) to Class Three (municipal solid waste) landfill. And because DHEC labeled this action as only a minor permit modification, DHEC deemed public notice and comment unnecessary under its solid waste regulations. Rather, DHEC determined it was only required to provide notice to MRR and to any affected persons who had requested in writing to be notified.[10]

         The County did not receive notice of these modifications prior to DHEC's issuance of the Permit Modification. During this time period, MRR's engineering consultant submitted several engineering drawings and reports to DHEC reflecting a plan to convert the 2008 Permit to allow modification from Class Two Landfill characteristics to those of a Class Three Landfill. These reports note the following observation from MRR's consultant: "During recent meetings between MRR and DHEC, it was confirmed that a modification of the Class Two Landfill Permit to meet the requirements of Regulation R.61.107.19 Part V Class Three Landfills would require a minor permit modification."

         Months after the Permit Modification had been issued, the County learned MRR might be changing the design of the Highway 93 Landfill to prepare it to accept coal ash. Gerald Wilson, Public Works Director for the County, then submitted a Freedom of Information Act request and sought a meeting with DHEC regarding the Highway 93 Landfill. On December 15, 2015, DHEC staff met with County officials, including Wilson, and informed them the 2008 Permit had been modified in August 2015. On January 11, 2016, DHEC emailed a copy of the Permit Modification to Wilson. On March 23, 2106, the County submitted a request for administrative review to DHEC. On April 21, 2016, DHEC declined to conduct a final review conference.

         On February 1, 2016, MRR filed a lawsuit (MRR Pickens, LLC v. Pickens County, et al., civil action number 2016-CP-39-100) against the County and members of the Planning Commission. This provided the County with the opportunity to depose Kent Coleman, then director of the Division of Mining and Solid Waste Management at DHEC, who signed both the 2008 Permit as well as the 2015 Permit Modification. Regarding the distinction between minor and major permit modifications, Coleman

• Admitted the definition of major modification in the relevant regulation includes alternate designs.
• Admitted the definition of minor modification does not include alternate designs.
• Admitted that in an August 10, 2015 letter accompanying the Permit Modification, he characterized the Permit Modification as an "alternate liner design" and "design change."
• Admitted that when DHEC determines a proposed landfill change to be a major modification, DHEC follows "our normal process, which would include [notice to] adjacent owners, concerned parties, local governments."

         Coleman later engaged in the following exchange:

Q. In answers to Ms. King's questions one time today, you said this was a "new design for the landfill." Is that a fair statement?
A. Yeah, I mean it is.
Q. Okay.
A. It was a new ...

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