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Johnson v. Apple Inc.

United States District Court, D. South Carolina, Greenville Division

September 18, 2019

Christopher Lee Johnson, Plaintiff,
Apple Inc., Tim Cook, Defendants.


          Jacquelyn D. Austin United States Magistrate Judge

         Christopher Lee Johnson (“Plaintiff”), proceeding pro se and in forma pauperis, files this action against Defendants Apple Inc. and its CEO, Tim Cook. [Doc. 1 at 2.] This matter is before the undersigned United States Magistrate Judge, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 636(b) and Local Civil Rule 73.02(B)(2), D.S.C., who is authorized to make a recommendation to the District Court. Having reviewed the Complaint in accordance with applicable law, the undersigned concludes that this action should be summarily dismissed without issuance and service of process.


         Plaintiff has filed a Complaint on the standard court form along with a number of attachments. [Docs. 1; 1-1; 1-2; 1-3.] The allegations in the Complaint are nonsensical and difficult to decipher.

         In the Basis for Jurisdiction section on the Complaint form, Plaintiff indicates that the Court has jurisdiction on both federal question and diversity grounds. [Doc. 1 at 3.] With regard to federal question jurisdiction, Plaintiff presents a convoluted statement, citing various laws and constitutional provisions, including references to the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment, Eighth Amendment, Eleventh Amendment, Thirteenth Amendment, as well as various cases. [Id. at 3.] With regard to diversity jurisdiction, Plaintiff alleges that he is a citizen of the State of South Carolina while both Defendants are citizens of the State of California. [Id. at 4.] As to the amount in controversy, Plaintiff alleges verbatim as follows:

3.6 billion dollars of large corporate and international monopoly payoff of Russia and Financials with a 100 billion dollar Federal reserve rate pay out of Treasury notes. Illegal psychological profiling operating an oil and Tech, gas, Trade war profiling due process of case used Ashcroft v Iqball. Illegal detainment (No Fear Act) repeatedly for personal profit and election payout.

[Id. at 5.]

         In the Statement of Claim section on the Complaint form, Plaintiff alleges, in part, as follows:

The fact that a 2015 declassification on torture was senate released and 2014 was a year of action, I file A police report on bank Fraud in 2013/Dec and called agencies of crimes in my community and privacy and had a vaccination while on disability then started having problems with illegal drugs from weaponization and artificial intelligence. My disability insurance was taken on a fast track program and I was illegally detained in the S.C. bureau of juvenile prisons from my housing development and was given health, home and hospice documents under investigation. Tim Cook and Apple Inc. Invested and participated In torturing me on Obama admin on closing Guantanamo Bay and used opportunity for gay rights to unveil his gay rights enforcement on a straight man Texas v. The United States was struck down by means of terrorism involving Syrian funding and Gustapo innovation gun lobby aggressive executive action . . .

[Id.] Plaintiff makes various other similar allegations involving Attorney General Eric Holder, the United States Supreme Court, the Jeb Bush campaign, the Clintons, Donald Trump, and others. [Id.] In an attachment to the Complaint, Plaintiff makes additional allegations. [Doc. 1-3.] In part, Plaintiff alleges as follows:

I was put through the Rule of Law by Justice John Roberts involving Clarence Thomas and Justice Stephen Breyer in March of 2016 while under review of the Justice Dept of an Apple Inc. Complaint that is now under report from Inspector general Michael Horrowitz and a 361 form F.O.I.A. on all of my personal information From Texas v. The U.S. that involves voyerism [sic] and electronic Genetic retaliation of gay Identify and violence against women manipulation from Clinton Gmail on Huma Abadeem from Gregg Abbott and another young lady Stacey Gillum and Wendy Davis involvement on double standard Gmail house of cards . . .

[Id. at 3.] Plaintiff makes other similar allegations about a variety of issues involving “Apple's terrorism role in the middle east to take down oil and gas with Airlines, ” deflation and inflation of currency by the White House, a monopoly involving Russia, military withdrawal from Syria, the freezing of Iran's Nuclear Program, international money laundering, foreign campaign contributions, violations of the Voting Rights Act, the involvement of Christianity and Satanism in business, various scandals involving the DNC and Republican establishment, mass shootings, and a plethora of other issues. [Id. at 1-3.]

         For his relief, Plaintiff requests, in part, the following:

To be relieved of instrusionary family death spiral from health care tax lien and racial profiling religion on behalf of the Rule of law and obstruction from the past 4th Circuit and district courts and Supreme Court . . . [and] to be relieved of this involuntary 13th and 8th amendment USPS declaration of inmate monopoly and not killed for using me for special counsel campaigns manipulative Finance Investigations. To be Compensated for there mental Anguish, Punitive damage and demagogue Involuntary ...

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