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Oglesby v. Stevenson

United States District Court, D. South Carolina, Anderson/Greenwood Division

September 25, 2014

John F. Oglesby, Plaintiff,
Warden Robert M. Stevenson, III; Associate Warden Dennis Bush; Associate Warden Sharonda Sutton; Dr. John Tomarchio; Tamika Montgomery, Grievance Coordinator; Takisha Smith, RNI; Carol E. Mitchell-Hamilton, Nurse Practitioner; Seraphine U. Niati, RN II; Gina Craig, RN; Yvonne Munro, LPN; Margo R. Williams, RNI; Margaret E. Jackson, RNI; Linda A. Wooten, LPN; Ebony Guess, LPN; NFN Orange, RNI; Erika Brown, LPN; Harvey Beech, RNI; Lt. Harold Scott; Sgt. Larry Cook, Defendants.


TIMOTHY M. CAIN, District Judge.

Plaintiff John F. Oglesby, a state prisoner proceeding pro se, filed this action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. ยง 1983, alleging claims of deliberate indifference to his serious medical needs. The Defendants Robert M. Stevenson, III, Dennis Bush, Sharonda Sutton, John Tomarchio, Tamika Montgomery, Takisha Smith, Carol Mitchell-Hamilton, Seraphine Niati, Yvonne Munro, Linda Wooten, Sherrell Orange, Harold Scott, Larry Cook, Gina Craig, and Margaret Jackson (herein referred to collectively as "Defendants") filed a summary judgment motion. (ECF No. 38).[1] Before the court is the magistrate judge's Report and Recommendation ("Report"), recommending that Defendants' Summary Judgment Motion be granted. (ECF No. 80).[2] Plaintiff timely filed objections to the Report. (ECF No. 84).[3]

I. Facts/Background

In his 56-page Complaint, Plaintiff alleges a claim of medical indifference in regard to the treatment of his chronic anal fissure condition beginning with his initial assessment at Broad River Correctional Institution on September 25, 2012. (Compl. at 4-5). In his Complaint, Plaintiff chronicles in detail the ensuing months during which he alleges his treatment was delayed or denied despite his numerous requests for treatment and the filing of grievances.

On February 25, 2013, Plaintiff learned that he had an appointment at the University of South Carolina ("USC") Surgery Clinic at Kirkland Correctional Institution ("KCI") on February 21st, but the appointment was not kept as there was a lockdown at KCI due to a flu epidemic. Plaintiff was finally seen at the USC Surgery Clinic at KCI on March 11, 2013. The physician recommended daily sitz baths, Metamucil, continued use of the stool softener, and a colonoscopy, but advised Plaintiff he could not prescribe a narcotic pain medication. (Compl. at 19).

On April 9, 2013, a colonoscopy was performed at an outside hospital, and the results were normal. (Compl. at 21, 25). Plaintiff was prescribed sitz baths three times a day and Metamucil, and told to stop using the Procotzone ointment and suppositories and begin using another previously prescribed ointment three times a day. (Compl. 22). The instructions were sent to Defendant Nurse Seraphine U. Niati ("Niati"). Id.

On May 1, 2013, Plaintiff and was seen by Nurse Freddie Brooks, who is not named as a defendant, and advised that he should stop the cream, and that he should have stopped using it months before. Plaintiff states that he continued to be in pain and, despite requests made to Warden Robert M. Stevenson ("Warden Stevenson"), he never received pain medication or sitz baths during May, June, or July 2013. (Compl. at 25-26, 28, 29).

On July 1, 2013, Plaintiff states he was seen for a follow up appointment by the surgeon, and after he told the surgeon that he had not been receiving the sitz baths, the surgeon told him that if he failed to use the sitz bath, he would experience irreversible damage in his rectum and be unable to control his bowels. (Compl. at 28-29).

On July 22, 2013, Plaintiff inquired as to the sitz baths, and Nurse B, who is not a named defendant in this action, told Plaintiff that she would contact Defendant Associate Warden Sharonda Sutton ("Associate Warden Sutton"). (Compl. at 30). On July 24, 2013, Plaintiff was seen by Defendants Nurse Practitioner Carol Hamilton ("Hamilton") and Nurse Margaret Jackson ("Jackson"), and he asked them why he was not receiving the prescribed sitz baths. Plaintiff states that Hamilton and Jackson informed him that he could not have access to sitz baths because of security concerns. (Compl. at 30). Plaintiff states when he asked Hamilton and Jackson if they had sought permission from Associate Wardens Bush and Sutton, they stated they had not. Id. Later that day, Plaintiff states he personally informed Associate Warden Dennis Bush ("Associate Warden Bush") about his conversation with Hamilton and Jackson and showed him the physician's recommendations. (Compl. at 31). Plaintiff states Associate Warden Bush advised Plaintiff to send a request to staff to Bush and Associate Warden Sutton. Id. On August 27, 2013, Plaintiff states he again spoke with Associate Warden Bush concerning his requests for sitz baths, and he states Associate Warden Bush told him he would get back to him. (Compl. at 33).

On September 18, 2013, Plaintiff asked Defendant Nurse Jackson about the sitz baths and she told him security would not allow it. (Compl. at 34). That same day, Plaintiff states that he again spoke with Associate Warden Bush about his requests for sitz baths, and Bush told him "he wasn't going to allow that treatment." Id.

During September 2013, Plaintiff states he was frequently examined by medical personnel, but his requests for stronger pain medication were denied and he was told to take ibuprofen for pain. (Compl. at 35-36).

On October 3, 2013, Plaintiff states he noticed a greenish, bloody discharge in his underwear and he requested a sick call from Nurses Brown, Jackson, and Niati, but he was not seen until October 7, 2013, when he returned to KCI. (Compl. at 36). Plaintiff states he was told that if his anal fissure did not heal within the next two weeks, he would have to undergo surgery. Plaintiff states the doctors told him to use hemorrhoidal ointment and take sitz baths and ibuprofen for pain. Id. In October 2012, Plaintiff alleges Defendants Sgt. Larry Cook ("Sgt. Cook") and Lt. Harold Scott ("Lt. Scott") (and several officers who are not named as defendants) denied him the ibuprofen he had been prescribed or delayed giving it to him for several hours despite numerous requests. (Compl. at 36-37).

On October 28, 2013, Plaintiff was again evaluated at the USC Surgery Clinic at KCI. (Compl. at 36). Plaintiff states the physicians prescribed anusol suppositories and sitz baths and told him that if the fissure did not heal in two weeks, Plaintiff would need to undergo surgery. Id. Plaintiff alleges that he was denied the suppositories as he was prescribed, and that he asked Defendants Nurses Erika Brown ("Brown") and Harvey Beech ("Beech") about the medication, but he did not receive the medication until November 15th. (Compl. at 38-39). Plaintiff returned to KCI on November 18, 2013, for another surgical consult. (Compl. at 39.) Plaintiff states he informed the physician that he received the suppositories only three days earlier, and the physician told him to use them for two ...

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