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Carter v. Ervin

United States District Court, D. South Carolina, Rock Hill Division

May 13, 2014

Dell Layfette Carter, Plaintiff,
Rayford Ervin, Clover Police Department; Frank Sadler, Clover Police Department; Gary Love, Clover Police Department; Richard Goach, Clover Police Department; Lessley Mosely, Clover Police Department; Magistrate Judge Edward Harvey; Costa Pleicone, Trial Judge; Derham Cole, Trial Judge; Social Security Administration, because the Person Responding to my letter did not leave a name; Solicitor Willy Thompson; Public Defender Harry Dest, Defendants.


PAIGE J. GOSSETT, Magistrate Judge.

This is a civil action filed by a pro se litigant. Under Local Civil Rule 73.02(B)(2)(e) DSC, pretrial proceedings in this action have been referred to the assigned United States Magistrate Judge.


Plaintiff files a "pre-trial motion" seeking a transcript of a grand jury hearing, trial transcripts, videos and other records associated with Plaintiff's state criminal proceedings in 1995 and 1997. (ECF No. 5 at 1.) Plaintiff further asks this court to "suppress a pair of boots and a coat" allegedly seized during an arrest. (Id. at 2.) Plaintiff's claims are recommended for summary dismissal in a separately docketed Report and Recommendation. Therefore, the motion to suppress shall be terminated as moot. (ECF No. 5.)


Plaintiff has paid the full costs associated with filing this action. See Receipt No. SCX300054467.


The Clerk of Court is directed not to issue the summonses for service of process at this time.


Plaintiff must place the civil action number listed above (0:14-865-TLW-PJG) on any document provided to the court pursuant to this order. Any future filings in this case must be sent to the address below: (901 Richland Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201). All documents requiring Plaintiff's signature shall be signed with Plaintiff's full legal name written in Plaintiff's own handwriting. Pro se litigants shall not use the "s/typed name" format used in the Electronic Case Filing System. In all future filings with this court, Plaintiff is directed to use letter-sized (8½ inches by 11 inches) paper only, to write or type text on one side of a sheet of paper only and not to write or type on both sides of any sheet of paper. Plaintiff is further instructed not to write to the edge of the paper, but to maintain one inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides of each paper submitted.

Plaintiff is a pro se litigant. Plaintiff's attention is directed to the following important notice:

You are ordered to always keep the Clerk of Court advised in writing (901 Richland Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201) if your address changes for any reason, so as to assure that orders or other matters that specify deadlines for you to meet will be received by you. If as a result of your failure to comply with this order, you fail to meet a deadline set by this court, your case may be dismissed for violating this order. Therefore, if you have a change of address before this case is ended, you must comply with this order by immediately advising the Clerk of Court in writing of such change of address and providing the court with the docket number of all pending cases you have filed with this court. Your failure to do so will not be excused by the court.


Buy This Entire Record For $7.95

Official citation and/or docket number and footnotes (if any) for this case available with purchase.

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